Transition is the big theme nowadays. Everything changes and we are getting used to a new reality and, with that, different values. In these new times, collaboration and long term significance are more valued than ever before.
The new, sustainable use of existing buildings fits the modern time spirit. Our new work approach calls for a different deployment of residential areas and public buildings.

At ©-mill, we translate societal and economic developments into concrete physical solutions and a new attitude towards business park management.


The physical offering of ©-mill constitutes buildings and building space. There is space (although limited) for companies in our existing buildings. We welcome smaller entrepreneurships to our Entrepreneur house. Larger initiatives can utilize parts of our existing buildings. At the front end of the ©-mill compound, there are several large building sites available for new housing possibilities. Both users of large and small premises are welcome.


The park management philosophy of ©-mill goes beyond management and exploitation. We like to see ourselves as hotelkeeper, host, but also as connector. We recognize people’s needs and react to them, creating connections, offering solutions, ideas and business opportunities.

Room for experiment

The possibilities at ©-mill are defined by the buildings and their surroundings, but not limited by rules and obstacles, which are minimized as much as possible. ©-mill aspires strongly to contribute to the cultural spring movement in Heerlen and Parkstad Limburg, and offers room to experiment in all possible areas.