What is C-mil?

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Critically acclaimed

©-mill is a business park. In the Heerlen Molenberg district, to be exact. Not just any business park, but a much applauded new concept. In the monumental buildings that formerly housed the Philips factories, a new way of working is being practiced.


The 15 hectares large terrain houses nearly 100 companies that altogether employ 750 people. Large technological companies, traditional service providers, creative ‘one-man bands’, fast growing businesses, and promising start-ups. Local, regional and (inter)national.

A tad different

Connections between the businesses in the park are made through the lawns between the building blocks, the shared conference rooms, the park’s restaurant and the atmosphere that is tangible throughout.
©-mill is business: a pleasant work climate, slightly different, dynamic, and inspiring.

Off the wall

©-mill is an initiative of C’magne: an idiosyncratic housing agency with a focus on advice, concept development, management and exploitation.
The C’magne philosophy is based on two principles:
1) There are plenty of buildings already available, therefore we develop new concepts for existing buildings.
2) Our starting point is the user, not the building.


©-Mill does not approach its business as real estate manager or proprietor but, instead, acts as hotelkeeper and more and more as connector: we create links between people and companies, enforcing the added value of the community.

Cultural Spring

The last few years has seen a flourishing development of the regions Heerlen en Parkstad Limburg. There is talk of a ‘cultural spring’. Culture prospers, and there is a noticeable sense of trust in the future. Several exquisite exponents of that cultural spring are housed at ©-Mill, giving our business park a fresh image. Nice. At ©-Mill we translate cultural spring into a financial summer!


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