The park management philosophy of ©-Mill goes beyond management and exploitation. We like to see ourselves as hotelkeeper, host, but also as connector. We recognize people’s needs and react to them, creating connections, offering solutions, ideas and business opportunities.

  • Security
  • Green space maintenance
  • Utilities (power, gas, heat, demi water, etc.)
  • Company restaurant
  • Maintenance of public areas (street lighting, etc.)
  • Reception service
  • Technical services

Renovation management

Because ‘feeling at home’ is highly ranked in our philosophy, we will gladly take into account any desires our (future) inhabitants may have. If you have any specific needs or…

Service management

Nobody says no to service, right? Neither do we – and that is why we have a special service bundle ‘on offer’ for each specific building. This helps to keep…

Park management

©-mill is a colourful place, both inside and out. Because we want our environment to stay refreshing the whole year round, we perform park management. Together with you, the inhabitants…

The Management

Because we highly value services, we have included several agreements on this aspect in our rental contracts. Tenants are expected to at least take part in the Park management, and…